Charter of Ethics

Charter of Ethics

Samchully Metal enhances corporate competitiveness through transparent management and innovation for long-term growth and corporate profits. Through this, good products are provided to consumers at reasonable prices, and the profits of the company are contributed to shareholders and employees. To this end, Samchully Metal's code of ethics has been enacted and applied and implemented to all employees of Samchully Metal.

⊙ We take dignity and pride as a member of the company, always maintain an honest and sincere attitude, and strive to protect the grace of individuals and the honor of the company. ⊙ We create a sound corporate culture that is faithful to the principles and basics by clearly separating public and private sectors in performing our duties and fulfilling our assigned missions by complying with relevant laws and company regulations. ⊙ We protect trade secrets learned in the course of work and avoid any acts or relationships that conflict with the interests of the company and individuals. ⊙ We obtain all information fairly and transparently and do not use it unfairly. ⊙ We always respect our customers, put them in the customer's shoes, and put our customers first in all our actions. ⊙ We secure trust and contribute to the continuous creation of customer value through customer-centered thinking and actions. ⊙ We protect the property and honor of our customers and provide accurate information about our products and services. ⊙ We respect the market economy order based on responsibility and transparency and comply with fair trade laws. ⊙ We promote common prosperity by building mutual trust and cooperative relationships through fair trade. ⊙ We do not engage in unethical behavior, such as abusing our superior position or forcing us to act unfairly. ⊙ We respect our executives and employees as individuals, do our best to fully demonstrate individual creativity, and practice fair opportunities, fair evaluation, and compensation. ⊙ We create a working environment where our employees can work comfortably and safely, and do our best to manage accidents and prevent accidents. ⊙ We strive to protect the collected personal information

2022. 09. 01

CEO of Samchully Metal Co., Ltd.

※ Reports on corruption, sexual harassment, and workplace harassment can be reported by phone, fax, e-mail.     All personal information of the informant is protected in accordance with the law.     Tel : 82-41-582-1321  Fax : 82-41-582-1340  E-mail :